Reclaimed Wood Furniture – Interview With Crofthouse

Most designers say that every home needs something old to make the new pieces look alive and to add interest.  I just found the perfect pieces of reclaimed wood furniture to work into any style home!  They are absolutely beautiful!  Check their site out at - AND they can do custom orders!!!!

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

  • Mossam Media CabinetMossam Platform BedMossam Coffee TableMossam Coffee TableMossam BookcaseHudson MirrorMossam Side Table

Because I am so intrigued by these pieces and their use of sustainable materials for couches and sofas as well, I decided to contact the company to interview them!

How did you get into your area of business and what peaked your interest in reclaimed wood and sustainable products?
My business partner and I took his hobby and turned it into a business. He was refinishing furniture in his garage and decided he’d like to try his hand at making his own.  He’d make a piece for fun, keep it in his house for a month or two, then try to sell it to fund a new piece.  I started helping him out in my spare time, we were selling mostly on craigslist.  I went to a smaller liberal arts school in NE, so the whole sustainable, repurposed idea appealed to me.  For me it was more so about the idea of creating something and contributing that drew me in. Anyhow, we started to get some more consistent orders, and have been moving into bigger work spaces ever since!
Where do you get the wood from?
All over the US. We use a few different species, so where we get it depends upon where the wood is indigenous, because that’s what the buildings in the area are likely to be built from. We get all our doug fir from socal housing, our heart pine from NYC apartments, and our mixed hardwoods(oak, maple, etc.) from throughout the midwest, namely barns.
Where do you see your company going in the future?
Great question. We’d love to offer design services to go along with our custom work. So instead of just building a croft house piece for your specific space, let us croft house your space! We like to think our style is just as much a part of what we do as our pieces.  Opening another store or two would be nice as well :)
What’s your favorite piece to make or project?
Hmm. My favorite piece is probably our mossam bed. It’s just a unique piece that we’ve been making for a long time.  Probably partially a sentimental pick but I guess that doesn’t really matter!
“We really enjoy the design process, coming up with a piece that works for the clients space, that is functional and something they love.  It’s not always easy, but it’s a rewarding challenge. We have a couple of great design associates that help us out with this, no way we could do it without them!”

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