Interview with Asherah!

Asherah’s story of how she got into the veggie burger business is a unique one, as it all began with trying to improve her own health.   Asherah had numerous health complications during her youth and by the time she was in her 30′s she was sick and dying.  Plagued by constant infections, kidney stones, a severe kidney growth, fatigue, and more, Asherah was determined to have a better life for herself.  After doctors repeatedly failed to relieve her symptoms, she took control of her own health and began studying alternative methods of healing.  Asherah learned of the PH diet and began training with Dr. Robert O’Young, author of The PH Miracle books and Sick and Tired? to improve her health.  Not only did Asherah lose over 40 pounds, but her friends and family actually began asking what she was doing because they also noticed that in addition to weight loss, she began looking younger and had so much more energy!  Eager to share what she had learned about eating for vitality, it was then that she started offering cooking lessons out of her home.  Her students’ favorite, Asherah’s quinoa based veggie burger, is now offered in the freezer section in health food stores and in the following Whole Foods Markets: the Northeast, Mid Atlantic, Mid West, Northern California, Southern California and Hawaii!  Unlike many other “healthy” veggie burgers, this one actually is healthy and made from whole and real ingredients :)

My big takeaway from speaking with Asherah is to never give up on your health, you have MUCH more control over it than you think!  Choose real foods to eat and always read ingredient labels!

If you haven’t tried Asherah’s organic, vegan, gluten free veggie burgers…you should!  Her burgers are  FREE OF THE TOP TEN FOOD ALLERGENS: Dairy, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Tree nuts, Sesame, Shellfish, Soy, Wheat, & Gluten – and they are filling and TASTE DELICIOUS!!!  You can find her burgers in small health food stores as well as many Whole Foods markets.  Look for the green box below!

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