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I’m sure reading the title of this post you wouldn’t think I would be talking about Disney World but I am!  If you have read my previous posts you already know I am a huge Disney fan, love Disney and Jake does too!  As a baby he would watch disney junior and many disney movies so when the time came to discuss our first family vacation of course I wanted to take Jake to the place where dreams come true- Disney World.  Let me back up for a moment… as you also read from my previous posts Disney World means more to me then just amusement park fun.  When Jacob was in the NICU I made a promise to him, I made many promises but one was that we were going to make it Disney World when we were both able to go. We would go and celebrate life, love and happiness.  Little did I know at the moment I made that promise to Jake my family just a few weeks later would be making the same promise to me as I was laying in the ICU.  My family drew pictures for me while I was in the ICU, they were displayed along with Jacob’s pictures around my little cubicle. One picture that was always at the foot of my bed was a drawing of Cinderella’s castle with stick figures symbolizing the whole family and Jacob celebrating in Disney.  After a year of very strong healing Jake and I were ready to travel but not yet allowed to leave the country to an island so Disney fell into place.  I heard lots of opinions from people that Jake was too young and I should wait until he was older but I didn’t listen, I was so excited for our first trip together and even more excited that I was able to keep this promise to Jacob.  You can go back to my previous post on Disney to read about our first magical trip, I knew when we left that we would be back many more times.  And, to the opinionated ones out there Jake wasn’t too little.  I think Disney is the most amazing place for kids and adults of all ages. Jake had a smile on his face that I had never seen before and it lasted the whole time we were there.  How can you be too little to experience fun, happiness and be in a place that celebrates dreams and encourages everyone to believe! Well,  about a year and half later we returned!

I should say in between these trips to Orlando, FL we also visited Disneyland twice while visiting my brother Josh and sister in law April in LA.  They were just day trips but still so fun and such a fun treat to walk down main street.  Once again, we were planing our vacation and Jamie really wanted to visit a island this time but  Jake and I really wanted to go back to Disney World.  Jake was watching disney parades on you tube and loved watching our family videos from our first trip.  Jamie started getting into the excitement and we planned our trip only about 30 days before we left.  We were so excited that my parents were joining us again and made some changes from the first trip.  The first time we stayed at animal kingdom lodge which we loved!!! We had a savanna view which meant when you opened the balcony doors there was a giraffe and zebra standing right in front of you- pretty amazing!  This year we chose the Poloynesian resort which was on the monorail.  I must say even loving the animal kingdom so much staying on the monorail is the most amazing thing ever!  The resort was beautiful!  When you arrive everyone receives a lei like you are in Hawaii, the grounds are beautiful, thousands of lush plants everywhere, tiki torches surround the property and are lit at night, there is a marina, beautiful pool with zero entry, waterfall and water slide, a beach where you see the magic kingdom and can watch the fireworks at night as well  as the location for outdoor movies and you can get to the magic kingdom via monorail or boat.  Pretty great!  Jake once again had a smile on his face that was priceless!  We got him a autograph book and while he was standing in line to meet all of these characters that he loves he couldn’t contain his excitement.  When I see Jake so happy the emotion is so indescribable.  Jacob is the most loving, charismatic, caring, giving person I know. His strength and courage inspire me and I have learned more these past 3 1/2 years from him then I have in the 30 before.  So, to see the happiness on his face when he  meets Mickey Mouse, buzz lightyear, donald duck ( just to name a few) and to watch his face light up with joy when he is watching the parade and fireworks the feeling is just priceless, its more of a tremendous feeling inside that fills my skin with chills and so much love and excitement.

Our days were filled with laughs and smiles.  Walking down main street is so much fun, the great smells, the shops, the guys and girls carrying what seems like hundreds of balloons, the photographers, the music- what is not to love.   Jake loved the rides, dumbo, buzz lightyear, I think we rode a small world about 8 times, the jungle cruise, just to name a few.. The new fantasyland is amazing as well as all of the classic rides. I think some of Jakes favorite moments was meeting all of his favorite characters and seeing them right in front of him as well as the parades and shows.  Flying high above the magic kingdom on dumbo with Jamie and Jake is pretty special.  Arriving to the parks were super easy thanks to the monorail and we got to go back to the hotel late afternoon and take a swim in the pool,  Jake loved the water slides and playing in the sand and then we would go back for dinner and to see the electric parade.  We visited animal kingdom and epcot as well and loved every moment.  I loved being with my family, sharing the experience with my parents and seeing the magic through Jake.  I feel so lucky to have the best parents. They wanted to be with us to celebrate, they love the rides, parades and shows. My dad is running for space mountain even faster then Jamie.  They are always so supportive and never forgot how to have fun which is what Disney is all about.  I can’t wait for our next trip, hopefully we will have Stella with us too, my beautiful little niece to share in the celebration!  I also want to thank Jamie, I know this wasn’t his first choice but he always makes our dreams come true and ends up having so much fun too.

I realized when we were there why I love Disney so much. Of course the rides are fun, everyone who works there is super friendly, its clean but there is much more. It is what Disney stands for and that is present through everything they do.  From the parades to fireworks there is a common theme and that is to believe, to celebrate and to dream, all things that we practice at home and why I think Jake and I are so drawn to Disney.  The daytime parade is called, Celebrate a dream come true.  They say everyone has something to celebrate and that is very true. We were there over my moms birthday so we were celebrating my mom, Jamie’s birthday was a few days after we returned home so we were celebrating Jamie but we were also celebrating family, love, health, happiness and life.  At home everyday I teach Jake that we have so much to celebrate and we should do what makes us happy every single day, that as well as our conscious let happiness be our guide since we were all put here to be happy.  Jake continues to sing the parade songs and the song from wishes during the fireworks display which are all about creating dreams, making wishes and believing they will come true.

Starlight, Starbright, first start I see tonight, I wish I may I wish I might have my wish I wish tonight… and all our wishes will come true…

Wish upon a star, makes no difference who they are anything your heart desires will come to you

They say the most fantastic, magical things can happen and it all starts with a wish!  ( part of the song during wishes, during the fireworks)


we love we laugh, so pump it up and party now… celebrate!  ( this is the song during the street party parade)

celebrate a dream come true ( the song during the daytime parade)


What I love is that I hear Jake making these words apart of his vocabulary has he sings around our house about celebrating a dream come true!  I encourage everyone to continue to make wishes, continue to dream because Jake and I know the power to believe and all of your wishes will come true!!!

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  1. As a little girl I wished upon a star, how fitting that my grandchild and great grandchild are sharing this experience. Wishes do come true. We love you. Yiayia and Virginia

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