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First, I would like to apologize for not writing in a while. I caught a bad cold virus in april and took some time for me to get better.  I have learned to really listen to what my body needs and last month I needed more time to rest and recover.  I have lots of catch you up on including a trip to disney but first I thought I would start with mother’s day!


I love mother’s day!  It ranks up there with my birthday, christmas and hanukkah!  I love being Jakes mommy, I feel its the best gift in the world!  I love that there is a day to celebrate all of the amazing mommies out there.   Just the thought that you want to have a baby is pretty special because its a big sacrifice, the payoff  is beyond anything in this universe but it takes a lot of courage.  Its not always an easy rode to have a baby and babies come in many different ways, some biologically, some from surrogacy, some from adoption and some from a marrying into a family. But, in the end we are each there everyday giving thousands of kisses and hugs, answering millions of questions, running around the playground like a child again, cooking, cleaning, bathing, cheering, kissing boo boos, driving, still answering questions, folding laundry with a “big helper” next to you,  jumping in puddles, rolling down hills, singing and dancing, playing on the floor in my case with cars, planes or trains, sometimes doing a few of things at once, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! Jamie came home once and I was concentrating on building a lego police helicopter for Jake. Jake was sitting patiently next to me waiting for me to finish and Jamie said, I never thought I would see the day when you would be building legos and actually enjoying it.  Jamie was right, I enjoyed every second building those legos with Jake and we have since built many more together. Its of course not the action of building the lego that I love so much it is the happiness that it creates for Jake that makes me love building legos or anything else we do together.  The smiles Jake gives to me is priceless. He will now say, “happy mama”, telling me when he is happy or he will do our happy dance we made up together, or say ” I love you”!  All things that are priceless and there are no words to explain the emotion it brings to me except complete love and as my mom always says magic!   To all the mommies out there, I hope you had a great day celebrating your courage, patience and love that you give everyday and hope you celebrated with the amazing little guys and girls  that made it all possible.

I woke up to flowers and cards and Jake running up to me giving me the biggest hug!  Couldn’t have asked for anything more but we got celebrate with my family at brunch and be with my grandparents, parents and aunt, Rachael, David and Stella. The highlight for Jake was riding in a golf cart with his pop pop and great pop pop- pretty special!   After brunch I  got to enjoy the beautiful  afternoon with my little man at the playground.  I ended my day on the mat, love getting back into yoga.  The weekend started great too! My sister, her husband and my beautiful niece, Stella came to visit from Maryland. I loved being with my little sister to celebrate her first mother’s day! Its so amazing seeing her as such an amazing mommy! I feel so lucky to be apart of Stella’s life and to have Stella and Jake grow up together.  We took them to the zoo with us, it was so special seeing Jake as such a good big cousin. He was looking after Stella and wanted to show her around.  He amazes me everyday with his tremendous spirit and love for others.  He gave her lots of kisses and tickles and always wanted to know what she was up to.  We of course missed having my brother Josh and his wife April with us and Jamie’s family too but it was a weekend full of love and family just the way Mother’s Day should be.  It’s the celebration of lots of love!!!

Jacob, thank you for choosing me to be your mommy!  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have you in my life. You continue to teach me about the beauty and love of life everyday.  You have the most beautiful spirit I have ever seen. You have the ability to walk into a room and light it up with the happiest energy, people are always attracted to you because of your amazing spirit and love for everything around you.  You bring so much happiness and love to my life everyday. You are the most courageous and loving person I know. You have a thoughtfulness about you that so beyond a year 3 year old.  You make others happy and look out for everyone around you.  You are so gentle and caring,  I couldn’t be more proud of you.  I love our kisses, hugs, dancing, playing and conversations.  I look forward to every morning when I get to see your smiling face and play some more!!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, so happy to be a part of your family. XX Yiayia and Aunt Virginia

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