Guide for Making Green Drinks

How many of you have tried green drinks?
I am always experimenting with new veggies but Today I made one of my best with kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon and 1/2 golden delicious apple and lots of ice to beat the 90+ degree days we are having here in Philly.  It was perfection!!!!  These drinks really make you feel amazing, which is why I continue to drink them into my 37th week of pregnancy.
Here is a great guide on making tasty green drinks (that you will actually enjoy) from The Rawfoodfamily:

Our Most Favorite Green Juice Recipe For You

I would like to share our most favorite green juice with you today.  I believe green juices are the most valuable food you can give yourself.  They are so full of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes – really everything you need to feel alive!  I am so very passionate about this.  We have been making this juice for over 10 years with very little variation.
We have certain ingredients that we always use every time.  One of those is celery, we love to have the freshest celery.  You will know it is fresh when you try and bend it and  it has a strong fiber and doesn’t snap.  The wilder and more nutrition rich celery tends to be small.  The large bunches you get in the supermarket are not necessarily the best.
The second vegetable is cucumber.  It helps to liquefy the juice and makes it easier to drink and not as intense in taste.  We always have dark leafy greens – we alternate between spinach, kale and different wild herbs.  It depends on where we are in the world and what is readily available.  It is very important to have lots of veggies, it is not a fruit juice but a veggie juice.  We do usually add some kind of fruit to make it a little sweeter.

foods to make you happier

We will add carrots which help make it sweeter.  We also add apples or pineapples to add a little sweetness.  We have been adding fennel lately because we love it. Sometimes we replace the fennel with red beets.  It is not important which of these ingredients you choose but more what combination you really like best.  You can vary it up depending on what is available to you and what you prefer that day.  You will soon discover your most favorite green juice recipe!
As long as you have celery, cucumber, a dark leafy green and something that is a little sweeter, you are all set.  You will need a juicer and you are ready to juice!
 Green juices are possibly the best way to get many of the most valuable nutrients your body needs in a delicious way.  Everyone should try and drink a green juice every day, you will notice right away how fantastic you feel!


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