What I pack my Kid for Lunch

My oldest son just began his first day of Full Day Kindergarten today!  I am so excited for him, but much less excited about the school lunch menu.  Guess I will be packing his lunch everyday….

I try to have my kids eat lots of colors throughout the day.  I always ask them to try new foods.  I don’t keep much processed food in the house and instead keep a huge bowl of fruit and veggies in the center of our kitchen table.  Often when they are hungry they will just reach for one of those options on their own since it is the first thing they see.  They do also eat “snack” or processed food but I try to keep this to a minimum.  If I find that they have had more than 1-2 servings of processed food in a given day I just explain that this type of “food” is not good for them and too much will make their bellies hurt.  There is always tomorrow.  Luckily, this strategy has helped my kids develop really good eating habits and I am lucky they will choose to eat lots of real, whole foods!  For example, for my Kindergartener’s first day I packed his favorites!  Edamamae, strawberries, oranges, apple, and veggie sushi (We prefer brown rice or quinoa but only white rice was in stock).


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