Vegetable Spring Rolls – the Perfect Warm Weather Dish!

As the weather gets warmer, our bodies seem to gravitate towards foods that are filled with water such as fruits and vegetables.  These Vegetable Spring Rolls are the Perfect Summer Dish because they will provide your body with the nutrients and energy it needs to get you through the day, keep you cool and not weight you down.

Step 1: Cut up your favorite veggies into large chunks and chop/shred in a food processor:  Here I used celery, radish, carrot, orange bell pepper, cucumber and avocado (chopped by hand)  You don’t need to use this many, I just had them in the house and wanted to experiment!  Notice all of the gorgeous colors!  Each one contains different vitamins and minerals to help your body fight disease and look its best!

Step 2: Place the rice wraps in a bowl of water and submerge for 30 seconds until it softens.  Then wet a clean wash cloth/towel and place it on your counter.  When you take the rice wrap out of the water, lay it flat on the towel.  Line the center with veggies.  Then fold the bottom and top pieces over, then roll the right side all the way towards the left until its binded almost like a burrito.

Step 3: Enjoy your veggie summer rolls!  Here I added a peanut dressing, but feel free to add your favorite!  I think low sodium soy sauce or ginger dressing would taste great too!

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