What I pack my Kid for Lunch

My oldest son just began his first day of Full Day Kindergarten today!  I am so excited for him, but much less excited about the school lunch menu.  Guess I will be packing his lunch everyday….

I try to have my kids eat lots of colors throughout the day.  I always ask them to try new foods.  I don’t keep much processed food in the house and instead keep a huge bowl of fruit and veggies in the center of our kitchen table.  Often when they are hungry they will just reach for one of those options on their own since it is the first thing they see.  They do also eat “snack” or processed food but I try to keep this to a minimum.  If I find that they have had more than 1-2 servings of processed food in a given day I just explain that this type of “food” is not good for them and too much will make their bellies hurt.  There is always tomorrow.  Luckily, this strategy has helped my kids develop really good eating habits and I am lucky they will choose to eat lots of real, whole foods!  For example, for my Kindergartener’s first day I packed his favorites!  Edamamae, strawberries, oranges, apple, and veggie sushi (We prefer brown rice or quinoa but only white rice was in stock).



Jake and I playing with his fire house, he put the hats on us too to play along in!


Jake and I have a dance through out the day. Our dance changes depending on season, I feel like we have been dancing through winter for quite a while. At any point throughout the day you may find me , doing laundry , changing sheets, making a meal, cleaning a meal, cleaning, kissing boo boos, fixing Legos, just normal daily household duties as well as moments of reading a book, eating while watching the latest house hunters episode ( lunch break?) but the most fun and rewarding parts of my day are playing with Jake.

Im a stay at home mom and I love it! I really feel this is exactly what I am supposed to do and Jake and I were always meant to be together. He is truly the light and love of my life! I love watching him grow and as I would love to slow it down a little I also love with everyday comes fun new things. Jake has the most incredible imagination. We will go to the movies and he will come home and want to recreate what he has seen and will add in new ideas too. After telling me his new idea he always says: that’s a great idea! Jake is also very confident! He’s really been into Legos, I think lego city is now my family room but it creates a great place for play! I will be the police chief and Jake ke is the policemen that are dispatched to catch the bad guy. We usually have an escaped convict too- Jakes idea. I always want to have the characters just talk, pretend to eat but Jake always loves the chase and drama.  We usually negotiate for story ideas but I usually let him run with his imagination and I play along.   We also play trains, car races and take a trips to radiator springs or prop wash junction. Jake reminds me so much of myself growing up when he plays. He’s very controlling! He will tell me what my people should say which I used to do to my friends.

For the holidays Jake wanted a disney princess castle, I was so excited! I bought mini Sophia the first dolls to play with. Jake has a solider castle too so when I take out the Sophia castle he takes out his solider castle. He protects my castle but then usually a dragon will land on the princess castle or lightning McQueen shows up at the castle door and Sophia is off to watch the race.

Jake is growing up so fast so I want as much playtime as I can get! my goal during play is to put down the phone, get on the floor and play! I see the biggest smile on his face when I’m into the play and attention is on Jake.  At the playground we pretend we are Jake and the pirates, or princess pirates. If he’s with a friend I follow along in the background and watch my little guy use his play skills with others, make sure he’s safe and happy and sometimes enjoy a few moments on the bench enjoying the outdoors.  Our winter days have been filled with playing in the snow, lots of pretend play, arts and crafts, cooking and baking, mommy/baby yoga, dance parties, cuddle time and learning time. We are looking forward to changing our dance steps in spring, moving outside more and starting up our spring adventures together. Through Jake and through our play I see such a different world, it’s so amazing looking through their eyes. I encourage all of you mommies to try out your floor and play!

I have learned that there are moments that will pass by and we don’t get a second chance. Don’t let these precious moments pass you by, I feel these are the best times of my life! Try that extra dance party before bed, be spontaneous and ask your little one to play the smiles and happiness are the best gifts ever! I definitely feel I get so much more!

Healthy Living Tip 10: Read the Ingredients!

Tip 10: Read the Ingredients! 
According to Jeff Novik, you should never believe marketing, instead always read the ingredients list and nutritional label. When possible, buy organic! Here is a great example of why: Johnson and Johnson markets their products as “safe” for babies, when in fact, they are very much not!
Johnson & Johnson admits: Our baby products contain cancer-causing formaldehyde | Keep In Touch
Today, the personal care giant announced that it would voluntarily (after consistent pressure from the public and groups like EWG) remove hidden formaldehyde from their baby products

Jake and me, week of October 14



Crazy enough this was week 3 of my sinus cold. Thanks to Dr. Falkner I didn’t have the sinus pain but still very congested. I haven’t been to yoga because the thought of down dog is painful with so much pressure in my nose. Although I really want to go and may help to get some energy moving around. We were out and about more then last week but still more low key. We headed back to Linvilla! Jake and I had fun on a hayride, playing on the playground, riding a train, riding a pony and picked some more apples. I was a little surprised with the crowd during the week, lots of field trips! But we had lots of fun! As we pick apples Jake pulls the wagon and picks the apples himself. I would say, Jake I can help you and he says, ” no, no. I do it, it’s fine mama”. It reminded me of a little old man just wanting to help. I love, love, love our days together!!! I feel so happy!!!

On Saturday we went with Jamie to the Philadelphia Zoo- Boo at the Zoo. Jake was dressed up in his Halloween costume which is Captain Hook. He came up with the idea himself from watching Jake and the never land pirates. There are lots of trick or treat stations around the zoo, a Fisher Price concert, a costume parade which Jake loved being apart of and of course all of our regular fun zoo activities decorated for Halloween!

Sunday we went back to Linvilla but this time with my parents and Jamie. It’s a family tradition to go every year. I went when I was little and it’s so much fun to now bring Jake. We got there early and started off with the hayride. We went to the playground and Jake was so happy that his daddy and pop pop were there to do the maze with him because it’s not my favorite. We found a couple of great pumpkins to bring home and a couple of pies too, which are amazing! We love fall fun!! The best part is seeing Jakes excitement. Every year he notices something new and is more aware of what is happening. It’s so fun to hear what he has to say about Halloween and what he thinks about all the activities. He’s also learning fall and Halloween songs at school that he is so proud to sing to us. Jake amazes me everyday, he just knows so much and I have so much fun with our conversations! The best part is being together and Halloween and the holidays are perfect opportunities to find fun family activities.

More Halloween fun this week too!!! As the seasons change it’s a great opportunity to try new adventures or even normal activities have a new look! Like the zoo or your local farm, at Gymboree Art class they are creating fall fun art. Art projects at home are great too, painting pumpkins, carving pumpkins, creating decorations for the home. Let us know what fun activities you guys are doing at home with your children!




Jake and me, week of October 7



This cold of mine has been hanging around so we took it easy once again. We always have our routine of swim lessons, preschool and speech therapy. This week when I was dropping Jake off at school he got upset for the first time. I know I chose the right school because I didn’t feel pressured to leave, I was able to take time with Jake and walk him to his class. The teacher said he had science that day and he got excited and ran into the classroom. I felt so grateful for the teacher and the school for their patience and understanding. Jake did great because of that, he just needed a little extra time that day. I came to realize later he was sad because he wasn’t line that day. But as I sit and write today it is his day to lead the line and he was very excited!

Our week got busy on the weekend. Saturday was my grandmothers birthday so Jake and I went to lunch with her, my aunt Virginia, my mom and dad. In the evening my patents watched Jake and Jamie and I went out to dinner. Jake loves when my parents come and play, he loves playing with his pop pop! Jamie and I always try to go out once a month together but that doesn’t usually happen. The last time we had a date was in August. We love being with Jake and are busy on weekends so we usually just hang out as a family. I still wasn’t feeling great Saturday and even called my homeopath Dr.  Falkner for help. He suggested a homeopathic remedy and by Sunday I wasn’t feeling sinus pain anymore. Jamie and I had a great dinner, it’s always amazing to just reconnect with each other.

Sunday was Sesame day! We went to sesame place for their Halloween Spooktacular. They decorate so well for the holidays. It was crowded but we had lots of fun, Jake loved the decorations, the rides, shows and his favorite is the parade. One of his favorite parts is being chosen to dance in the parade. Unfortunately they didn’t choose anyone because of the large crowds so he was disappointed. We loved being there with Jamie. Jake always loves spending time with his daddy and our adventures are even more fun as a family!

We have more fall fun planned for next week so we will keep you updated! Please update us on your activities! We love to share ideas for other families!