Detox 4 Women by Natalia Rose

I love Natalia’s introduction:  “For women everywhere – may we always seek to lift each other up.”

In the first part of Natalia’s book, she tries to get women away from eating what is not natural for them and therefore avoiding a food hangover: “the body was not designed for donuts, bagels and cream cheese, lattes, chicken wraps, vodka tonics, diet sodas and air-conditioned office jobs.”    In order to rid your body of these poisons, Natalia suggests a healthy Detox, as she believes the root cause of physical, emotional, and mental imbalances are the clogging of our cells, tissues, organs and pathways due to residue left behind in our bodies after decades of an unfit lifestyle. Antoine Beauchamp also argued that “the primary cause of disease is in us and the degree to which our body serves as a good host.”   Her solution?  The removal of that matter –  ”There’s nothing better than living in a cleansed body.  It’s pure euphoria.”

Yeast and bacteria that come from waste fermenting in our 98.6 degree bodies are the prime culprits of disease and sickness.  A common example of yeast and bacterial overgrowth are skin problems, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis.  ”Covering up skin eruptions with medication just diffuses the sound of the body’s alarm bell and the symptoms will keep reappearing and ultimately ransack our organs as the waste is pushed deeper into the tissue because of prolonged suppression. In addition to the overwhelming intake of flour an sugar in the Western Diet, the other major contributing factor to yeast in women is medication – predominantly antibiotics and hormones found in birth control pills.  We have also been unknowingly taking antibiotics by eating flesh and drinking the milk from hormone and antibiotic injected animals.”

Her solution to better health and in turn a better body with clear skin and less cellulite?  Stage 1 of your detox is starving the yeast!  ”Eating right occasionally will never free you of systemic imbalances, make inroads against deterioration, or develop physical integrity.”  This is why the initial detox is necessary, but also is keeping up your new healthy diet.  She suggests starting our day with a homemade vegetable juice.   Lunch should be a big green salad with raw vegetables and fresh avocado and lemon as salad dressing.  Also include a clove of raw garlic as it is a natural anti-fungal and will help limit the growth of yeast at fungus.  Snacks at this stage are also raw vegetables or berries, granny smith apples or grapefruit.  Dinner would be baked potatoes, steamed veggies with sea salt or marinara sauce if desired, vegetable based soups and millet.  Desert can be a tiny bit of very dark chocolate or wine.   Eventually you can also add in beans, some whole grains, more fruit, etc. However, for now we are focused on the cleanse portion of Natalia’s program.

Let’s all start together and make 2013 the year of better health for ourselves!  Please join us in blogging any quotes or excerpts that are meaningful to you as well as discussing your experiences with the recipes!


Book of the Month Club

This month we are reading the book Detox for Women by Natalia Rose.  It is the perfect book to read before starting your entrance into a healthier lifestyle since it is designed to help calm and cleanse your system first.  Please join us in reading this book and we can all discuss our takeaways and highlights each week to help each other rid our bodies of harmful toxins and start fresh for the New Year!

Natalia Rose has discovered that traditional detox plans don’t work for adult women because their microbial balance is completely out of whack. In fact, doing the wrong kind of detox can make their symptoms even worse!

Here is the solution. Rose has formulated a very specific detox prescription for women that is easy to follow and gentle on the system, yet yields fantastic results that are both immediate and lasting. In Detox for Women, she brings you her powerful step-by-step plan that will help you shed weight, look years younger, and radiate energy in only 28 days.