Jake and me, week of October 14



Crazy enough this was week 3 of my sinus cold. Thanks to Dr. Falkner I didn’t have the sinus pain but still very congested. I haven’t been to yoga because the thought of down dog is painful with so much pressure in my nose. Although I really want to go and may help to get some energy moving around. We were out and about more then last week but still more low key. We headed back to Linvilla! Jake and I had fun on a hayride, playing on the playground, riding a train, riding a pony and picked some more apples. I was a little surprised with the crowd during the week, lots of field trips! But we had lots of fun! As we pick apples Jake pulls the wagon and picks the apples himself. I would say, Jake I can help you and he says, ” no, no. I do it, it’s fine mama”. It reminded me of a little old man just wanting to help. I love, love, love our days together!!! I feel so happy!!!

On Saturday we went with Jamie to the Philadelphia Zoo- Boo at the Zoo. Jake was dressed up in his Halloween costume which is Captain Hook. He came up with the idea himself from watching Jake and the never land pirates. There are lots of trick or treat stations around the zoo, a Fisher Price concert, a costume parade which Jake loved being apart of and of course all of our regular fun zoo activities decorated for Halloween!

Sunday we went back to Linvilla but this time with my parents and Jamie. It’s a family tradition to go every year. I went when I was little and it’s so much fun to now bring Jake. We got there early and started off with the hayride. We went to the playground and Jake was so happy that his daddy and pop pop were there to do the maze with him because it’s not my favorite. We found a couple of great pumpkins to bring home and a couple of pies too, which are amazing! We love fall fun!! The best part is seeing Jakes excitement. Every year he notices something new and is more aware of what is happening. It’s so fun to hear what he has to say about Halloween and what he thinks about all the activities. He’s also learning fall and Halloween songs at school that he is so proud to sing to us. Jake amazes me everyday, he just knows so much and I have so much fun with our conversations! The best part is being together and Halloween and the holidays are perfect opportunities to find fun family activities.

More Halloween fun this week too!!! As the seasons change it’s a great opportunity to try new adventures or even normal activities have a new look! Like the zoo or your local farm, at Gymboree Art class they are creating fall fun art. Art projects at home are great too, painting pumpkins, carving pumpkins, creating decorations for the home. Let us know what fun activities you guys are doing at home with your children!




Jake and me, week of October 7



This cold of mine has been hanging around so we took it easy once again. We always have our routine of swim lessons, preschool and speech therapy. This week when I was dropping Jake off at school he got upset for the first time. I know I chose the right school because I didn’t feel pressured to leave, I was able to take time with Jake and walk him to his class. The teacher said he had science that day and he got excited and ran into the classroom. I felt so grateful for the teacher and the school for their patience and understanding. Jake did great because of that, he just needed a little extra time that day. I came to realize later he was sad because he wasn’t line that day. But as I sit and write today it is his day to lead the line and he was very excited!

Our week got busy on the weekend. Saturday was my grandmothers birthday so Jake and I went to lunch with her, my aunt Virginia, my mom and dad. In the evening my patents watched Jake and Jamie and I went out to dinner. Jake loves when my parents come and play, he loves playing with his pop pop! Jamie and I always try to go out once a month together but that doesn’t usually happen. The last time we had a date was in August. We love being with Jake and are busy on weekends so we usually just hang out as a family. I still wasn’t feeling great Saturday and even called my homeopath Dr.  Falkner for help. He suggested a homeopathic remedy and by Sunday I wasn’t feeling sinus pain anymore. Jamie and I had a great dinner, it’s always amazing to just reconnect with each other.

Sunday was Sesame day! We went to sesame place for their Halloween Spooktacular. They decorate so well for the holidays. It was crowded but we had lots of fun, Jake loved the decorations, the rides, shows and his favorite is the parade. One of his favorite parts is being chosen to dance in the parade. Unfortunately they didn’t choose anyone because of the large crowds so he was disappointed. We loved being there with Jamie. Jake always loves spending time with his daddy and our adventures are even more fun as a family!

We have more fall fun planned for next week so we will keep you updated! Please update us on your activities! We love to share ideas for other families!

Jake and Me, week of September 30th







We have been circulating a cold in our home like I hear many of you are so we kept things low key for much of the week. I called my homeopath, Dr. Falkner since my cough was awful and he suggested a homeopathic remedy that worked really well. Jake goes to swim Monday,  preschool Tuesday and Thursday,  speech therapy Wednesday and we also got Jacobs fall shopping done. Our trips to the mall are teamwork, mommy shops then it’s Jakes turn to play usually at the play area or the Lego store. What could have been a hour trip usually turns into a all day adventure but I try to make it fun for Jake too because it’s his day just as much as it is mine. We had trips to the playground and the little airport by us called Wings to watch the planes and helicopters land and take off. Always bringing our bag of planes and helicopters, we set them up by the runway and play. Whole Foods is almost a daily trip for us too and there we always shop first and then play, as we say: pay then play!

The weekend arrived looking beautiful! Friday evening Jake and I went to see fire trucks and fireworks with our neighbors that have become great friends. It was a event by our home with lots of fire trucks , Jake got to spray a hose, use a fire extinguisher and watch a helicopter take off in the dark. The fun evening ended with fireworks and of course we took home a glow sword they were selling. It was the first time Jake sat outside to watch the fireworks, usually we run to the car after we hear the first boom and watch them from there. This time he sat on my lap next to his girls waving his glow sword having lots of fun!  We had very warm weather for October, it was in the 80′s so on Saturday our family took a trip to the beach! The jersey shore isn’t far and the shore point we go to is less then a hour and a half away. So much fun to go to the beach in October! Jake loves the beach, just like Jamie and I. We invested in a wonder wheeler which gets filled with a rainbow colored umbrella, 2 chairs, one of the chairs is a zero gravity chair, lots of trucks, buckets, shovels, towels and more trucks! Jamie drags it as close to the water as we can get and starts setting up, chairs and umbrella and then a huge hole for Jake. One of Jakes favorite parts of the beach day is that huge hole, Jamie and Jake work together digging and digging until Jake says it looks good and then Jamie can finally relax as I’m clicking away with the camera.  We ordered lunch on the beach, played in the sand and even the ocean. I was so surprised how warm the water was so Jake and I went in and jumped the waves!   The only part that was missing was the fuggy wudgy man (the ice cream man) that walks up and down the beach. Just Jamie, Jake and I, a perfect family day!

On Sunday it was still very hot and humid, we decided to head to a local farm, the farm that we went to see the reading of the Great Pumpkin. We went on a hayride, Jake went on a tractor wagon train ride, Jamie and Jake went through a maze and we ran around the pumpkin patch bringing a couple pumpkins home. They make homemade ice cream which is amazing so of course on the way out Jake enjoyed a chocolate cone.  Im sure we will head back at least once more this season, its a great local farm with lots of fall fun. After the farm we headed to soccer.  I can’t get over how adorable Jake looks in his jersey, shin guards and cleats.  Jake is such a amazing spirit and doesn’t always love following the crowd, he loves kicking the ball on the dirt of the baseball field but we eventually can show him how much fun the grass can be so we can participate with the group in learning the new skills.  They learn new soccer skills for the first 30 minutes and a little game the second 30 minutes.  Jake is still getting used to the games, he scored another goal and loves that part but doesn’t love when the ball is taken away or someone else scores a goal.  Jake is very athletic, he runs so fast, has a strong kick and is very competitive.  He is my strong willed little man and if he wants that ball on the field he will do anything to get it. Jamie and I have to keep reminding him we don’t push and tackle in soccer and reinforce the meaning of TEAM.  Its a tough concept at 4, all a new learning experience and that is what we are always trying to do, just providing new experiences and adventures for Jake always following his smile. What I mean by that is that if Jake is happy that is all that matters, we will try new things and see what he enjoys the best.

My cough turned into a bad cold at the end of our fun weekend so of course I put another call into Dr Falkner and now its moving through pretty quickly.  I always love my days with Jake and feel so grateful to spend everyday with my little love. What I love most of all is our conversations we have together, the laughs we share through the day, the cuddles, hugs and kisses. I feel like I’m hanging out with my best friend everyday, nothing can be better then that. And those conversations- just priceless!! I feel so happy!! Our weekends though are always so much fun because Jamie is around to enjoy everything with us and nothing makes me happier then being with my family! We have lots more fall fun planned this month, let us know what adventures all of you are taking with your families! We would love to hear from you!

Preschool: Round 2!

Those of you that have been following our story know that we tried preschool last year but it didn’t really work out. Jake last year had just turned 3 and had never been left except  with our loving nanny, my parents or with my sister and only at our home. We started at a preschool  3 days a week for 3 hours where many of our friends went, Jake and I toured the school and it seemed very happy and sweet so we signed up. I didn’t feel Jake was really ready but I wasn’t sure if that was more my emotion or Jakes and Jamie wanted him to start preschool so I decided to try it. I didn’t feel the need to send him since I was home with him and loved being home with him everyday.  Jamie and I dropped him off that first day, camera in hand to take many pictures and Jake seemed to be ok when we left. I felt so relieved. As I left school it felt so strange not to have Jake with me. I ran a couple of errands because that’s what I thought I should do but I really couldn’t wait to go pick him up and see how his first day was. I don’t mind shopping and playing with Jake all day, in fact I love it so I felt such a absence not having my little partner with me even if it was just a few hours. I got to school early and saw them in a play room with Jake hysterical crying. The teacher brought him to me and explained he was happy until the last 20 minutes of class. I started crying too, Jake and I were sitting in the preschool hallway both crying and hugging each other. The days after were mixed, Jake didn’t want to go but always fine at drop off and then was crying when I picked him up. But then he started not wanting me to leave him at home with my husband or mom, he started saying he was scared of different things, many new fears and then started getting upset when I would drop him off at school. All of this happened within a week or two, but I would never leave Jake crying at school or at home. This particular school wanted me to leave Jake crying but I was never comfortable with that and wouldn’t do it. I remember one day the teacher took Jake out of my arms crying and I quickly took him back and just left. We went to the zoo that day and played. I’ve learned through our journey that I have to be Jakes advocate, you have to always follow your gut and intuition that way you can never be wrong, never have regrets. There were moments in the NICU I wish I stood up for Jake more. I remember one afternoon my mom and I walked in to see Jake and the nurse was putting a IV into Jakes head. It was a procedure we were warned about might happen but nothing can really prepare you. As I walked in the nurse told us to wait outside, she said she does these procedures alone.  I wanted to stay with Jake but listened to the nurse. As I was leaving I just could hear him crying and the nurse wasn’t even talking to him, saying it will be ok. She was having trouble, and I was crying feeling so sad and wanting to be with Jake to support him and hold him. I felt so upset with the nurse and just so sad for my little baby having to go through that alone. Finally the doctor went to help her and they came to get me so I could see Jake. I couldn’t hold him that day because of the procedure he just had, but I laid my hands on his little body and just sat with him wanting to hold him and just take him home. I should have stayed with Jake, I should have said something more and I regret that to this day so much. Im crying right now as I write this, there is nothing more upsetting then seeing your little baby in so much pain, so little and you can’t do anything. Maybe the nurse still wouldnt have let me stay but at least i would know I had tried more then I did.  I don’t ever want to feel that sadness again so I make sure I follow my gut always and stand up for Jacob. That’s what a mommy is for, to be a voice for your baby. This preschool experience brought up lots of emotion but I made sure I followed my intuition. The school finally worked with me and let me stay in the class with Jake to try and get him comfortable but I didn’t see that Jake was going to be ok with me leaving and it wasn’t working great for his teachers so we decided to leave preschool. Jamie and I talked to Jake and said we are a family, a team. We are are going to listen to you now and we hear you don’t want to go to school. We are listening and you don’t have to, there will be a day you do have to go to school and we will find one that you love and talk about it at another time but for now we listen to you.

I started Jake at Gymboree School skills. Its a transition preschool program where parents can stay if your child needs or you can drop your child off for a hour and a half one day a week. At first Jake needed me to stay even though he’s been at Gymboree many times. Then I would sit in the lobby and he would walk out to see I was there and then go back to class and eventually he was running into class and staying the whole time himself. I saw such a big change in Jake! He was so proud of himself when he walked out to meet me at the end holding up his artwork. Its such a great program to help with the transition to school and learning how to be in a group. They also would create the best art projects and he learned so much as they would work on a letter a week. I was very impressed and felt so happy that Jake was happy and then he was able to learn because he was comfortable.

Jake and I started touring preschools getting ready for the following school year. We must have looked at 10 schools in the area. What they didn’t know was whoever said I didn’t have to leave Jake crying had our money. They were all pretty good,  I was looking to Jake to see how he felt, to see where he was going to find his happy place. The last school we looked it was the closest to our home and the one we chose. It’s small and simple.  They offered a mommy and me program in the spring for children going into the 3′s class. I loved that, so Jake could get used to the school with me. Then there was a gradual transition where we would go meet his teacher in his classroom , then the first day is a shorter day and parents go with the kids and when you and your child is comfortable you wait in the lobby. He is in a 2 day afternoon program which is perfect because Jake is not a morning person. He is doing great! I’ve seen such a big change in him from last year to this year. He was a late speaker, works with a speech therapist and now saying so much more which I think helps because he is more confident. I think the Gymboree school skills program was such a big help to gradually get Jake used to being in class alone and I love the gradual transition program at his school. It was great and I never feel Im being rushed to leave. I actually sit in a cafe area at the school which has comfortable chairs and write. Jake knows I sit there, I showed him where I would be and he is happy in class. He comes out at the end happy and looking so proud. I feel so happy Jake is happy and comfortable so he can just focus on learning and playing!

Jake, Jamie and I listened to each other. We worked as a family and together we found a place that best fits us, that was best for Jake. I do miss the PTO from the other school, they had a great family community but it’s about what is best for Jake and who knows maybe I can start a PTO. For now we are happy, Jake comes home singing songs he learned that day and excited to pick out something to bring for show in tell. This is good for Jake and I. I still get lots of time with my little guy since he just goes for a couple hours, 2 days and I get to hang out and hear his giggles in school as I write. Always follow what is best for your child and your family, always follow your intuition because even if it doesn’t work out you will never have regrets if you follow your heart. It’s always what we don’t say or don’t do that I regret the most. Everyday Jake and I talk about being a team, we listen to each other and work together always to have a happy day!